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MizzBrooks is what we like to call a young veteran. She's been singing since she was a kid, as well as having parents that are musicians. She's a singer with an edge, who's not afraid to rock the stage. After almost losing her voice permanently....she realized how important it was for her to pursue her career and have a voice. That's when she went to a mutual friend and musician Derek Blackman. He connected her with Jara Harris. Jara recorded a demo for one of her songs, but it wasn't until a year later when she sat in at a Slapbak show, that Jara saw she really had something special. She's got soul, rock, country and funk. So working with Jara was a perfect producer to collaborate with, since he's no stranger to rockin' multi genres. External Pleasures is sexy, tragic, strong and pushing for the light at the other end of the tunnel. MizzBrooks sings from her soul and tells it like it is.
written by Jara Harris, Renee Brooks & Christopher Crockett
all vocals performed by MizzBrooks
all music performed by Jara Harris
 rap by Fellafide

Baby come here
Come right here be by my side
Lovin your swagga, doing your thing your oh so tight
Your kiss, your touch
It feels so right, for tonight I want to make you mine

I want it, I want it, I want it
I want to catch a stroke
(You and me on some quivering)
You get me so heated my body's on fire,
I'm breathing smoke
(On some quivering, on some quivering)

Living this night, ooh.... just like a dream
Say what you want, I'll give you anything
Feeling your hands moving up my thighs,
counting down till baby you're inside
No explanations or rules on me tonight
(get it right get it right)
My door is open, come in satisfy
(get it right, get it right I'll keep it tight all night)


Hella feng shui, floor plans-
Your hips my hands, best friends-
Your lips my tip, sweat glands-
Pull em over put up, copland-
Slide up in, to good ta god dam-
Urning for your love, outstanding Gap Band-
The time has come for us to stop messing around- hee hee-
Opps up in ya head, now ya opps up in my bed-
Heard what i said- I-
Want to get to know you, but i dont though-
I just really wanna get you all alone so-
So i can knock it out, Nyquil-
Head sweat, leg shake, evetro-Bango-
Beat the pooty up, mango-
Eluv you for life, meta tango-

written by Jara Harris & Renee Brooks
all vocals performed by MizzBrooks
all music performed by Jara Harris
When I met you I knew instantly
You're the man I need
That tingling feeling, it came over me, You're all I could see
You made me feel careless and free - pitter patter when my heart
Deep down I was feeling something, didn't know where to start

You, confuse me
 I'm discovering
I, won't let me see
I, don't want to see
I'm discovering
And now, I finally see that
part-time love cost me part of my heart

I can't stand it never knew it would be this way
Can't get you out my brain
Time keeps passing and I just can't let you go
And you won't go away
Down the hole deeper I go
I'm hypnotized can't get enough
Eat your cake cause I know it tastes great,
I play the fool for your love


Round and round we go
where we stop nobody knows
Back and fourth we'll never win
Here we go all over again


written by Jara Harris & Renee Brooks
all vocals performed by MizzBrooks
all music performed by Jara Harris

Hey how ya doin, it's been a long time
By the way that you looked at me you still know I'm fine
You tell your girl I don't mean a thing
We both know I still haunt dreams
(I'm a drug and your addicted)

I can make it rain
Even now I'm sure
I can make it rain
I got the how on you

I won't deny it
you still ruffle my feathers a bit
and when I try to fall for someone else
you're always in the way
but I know I do the same
no matter who you're with you say my name
girl you can fight it but the truth
is written all over your face.....alright now
(girl you know I bring the noise)

I know and you know its undeniable
and you still wanting me is Understandable

written by Bill Withers
all vocals performed by MizzBrooks
all music performed by Jara Harris
My friends, feel it's their appointed duty
They keep trying to tell me yeah
all you want to do is use me
But my answer
to all that use me stuff

I want to spread the news, that if it feels this good being used
oh just keep in using me - till you use me up

My brother well
sit me right down and he talk to me
He tried to tell me
that I ought not let ya just walk on me
And sure he meant well, but when our talk was through
I said brother if you only knew
you'd wish that you were in my shoes
So just keep on using me, till you use me up

Sometimes, its true you really do abuse me
You get me in a crowd of high class people
and then you act a real rude to me
Oh but baby, baby, baby, baby,
when you love me I can't get enough

I want to spread the news that if it feels this good being use
oh just keep on using me, till you use me up

I'm talkin bout you using me but it all depends on what you do
Ain't too bad when you're using me, cause I sure am using you
to do the things you do

Come on and use me up

written by Jara Harris & Renee Brooks
all vocals performed by MizzBrooks
all music performed by Jara Harris
additional engineering & guitar fills by Matthew Kurpakus

Everyday I'm closer to my fate
Everyday I'm part of this race
Goal in mind no one can hold me down
I'll keep pushin feet flat on the ground

Cause I want to touch the sky
No more limits on my life
Materialize these dreams on my mind
Pushin through as days go by
One day at a time I try
head down steady on my grind

(Yeah) one day at a time I tell myself
(Oh yeah) humbly willing to get some help
(Yeah) following that glimpse of light I see
(Yeah) stayin true to self, true to me


Free my mind from all negativity
Don't tell me who I am or how to think
Cause my eyes always stay on the prize
Just believe these things I feel inside
Hurdles popping up they try
but I can't stop, won't hold me back
I'll shine

written by Jara Harris & Renee Brooks
all vocals performed by MizzBrooks
all music performed by Jara Harris
additional engineering by Matthew Kurpakus
Been at this a long long time now (you know what I mean)
Tired of going, round and round with you
You don't do me right, you know exactly what you do (yeah)
I'm still caught up, but I ain't no fool

Time has come and time has gone for me to live you at all
Yes time has come and time has gone for me to love you at all

You put me through so much pain
This emotional coasters driving me insane
Sad to say good-bye to you babe
but I gotta move on and get ya out of my lane


All I want to do is love you
I know you want to love me too
You make it harder than its got to be
Click is tickin time to set me free
Cause in a minute I'll be gone gone gone

so say something, please say something
(Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me)
You about to lose the best thing

vocals - Mizzbrooks
all the instruments - Jara Harris
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1. Quivering...ft. Fellafide
3. Part Time Lover
7. I Can Make It Rain...ft. Jara Harris
4. Use Me
9. Steady On My Grind
10. Time Has Come
11. Use Me Outro Jam
8. You Lost Me....ft. TJ Quake
6. Because
5. I'm Sick Without You
2. Here Too
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